THE KINGS CHAPEL, A restoration project open to the public

THE KINGS CHAPEL, A restoration project open to the public

A jewel of the 15th and 19th centuries, the burial place of Leonardo da Vinci, the chapel of the royal castle of Amboise is the subject of a vast and spectacular restoration project. For 20 months, the best French artisans will intervene to restore it to its full glory. This work, unprecedented in its scope for over 150 years, is an opportunity to provide our visitors with insight into the heritage preservation professions.  

Craftsmen lodges

To facilitate your discovery of the different trades at work on the chapel site, spaces have been specially designed. Ornamentalists, stonemasons, carpenters, stained glass artists… these lodges will offer a showcase on the techniques and tools used by craftsmen. Free access, at no extra charge in addition to the entrance ticket to the castle.

Educational fresco

A vast fresco, free access, traces the heyday of the chapel and presents, in a few key elements, the work carried out on the chapel.

Stage of the HistoPad route

During certain stages of work, access to the interior of the chapel may be suspended from time to time. During these times, HistoPad tablets will allow you to discover and explore the building using augmented reality technology. These tablets, included in the entrance ticket to the castle, are given to you on your arrival.

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