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Ticket-office opening hours

The Château is open to visitors all year round except on 1st January and 25th December.
From 02 January au 31 January 9h-12h30, 14h-16h45
From 01 February au 28 February 9h-12h30, 13h30-17h
From 01 March au 31 March 9h-17h30 non-stop
From 01 April au 30 June 9h-18h30 non-stop
From 01 July au 31 August 9h-19h00 non-stop
From 01 September au 01 November 9h-18h00 non-stop
From 02 November au 15 November 9h-17h30 non-stop
From 16 November au 31 December 9h-12h30 14h-16h45

Closing of Royal House 30 mins after ticket-office closing. Closing of park 1 hour after ticket-office closing.

To find out more :

Château Royal d'Amboise

Phone : +33/(0)2 47 57 00 98

Par courriel à contact@chateau-amboise.com