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Accessibility to the château

The château is an old medieval fortress built on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Loire river. It is a listed historic monument, but does not meet all the modern requirements regarding access facilities. This is why the accompanying person must be able-bodied.

The château however, has been putting into operation, over the last few years, a facilities and services policy, to make it easier for disabled visitors to move around the site.

For all disabled visitors :

« Gentle stroll » in the gardens

The gardens have undergone some alterations in order to make access easier for visitors with reduced mobility (an accompanying person is nevertheless necessary when the visitor is in a wheelchair) and for families with young children in pushchairs. The itinerary of this Gentle stroll in the gardens is marked on the visit leaflet. Visitors who are either blind or visually impaired and the person accompanying them may also follow the same itinerary with the help of the swell-paper booklet.

On-line purchase:

This purchase gives the visitor direct access to the château terraces using the private entrance. An access map is provided when purchasing the ticket. It is equally possible for the accompanying person to purchase the entrance ticket from the Tourist Office in Amboise, at Quai du Général de Gaulle (on the Loire banks).

Sight disability

Safety warning before your visit

The visitor in question must be accompanied by an able-bodied person due to the presence of ramparts, and slopes in the gardens.

When you arrive at the ticket office:

sk for the new audio-guide which proposes an adapted visit in French and English with audio descriptions. A visit developed in partnership with the association Valentin Haüy. Keyboard equipped with Braille markings.

Swell paper description sheets of the monument are available free of charge for individual visitors, on request from the ticket office.

Visit of the Royal House:

Motor disability

Special advice :

The visitor in question must be accompanied by an able-bodied person (whose presence is essential in order to be able to use the sloping ramps and gravel pathways in the gardens).

Visitors subject to this disability may access with their vehicle* the terraces of the château from where you have access to the Royal House, to Saint-Hubert's Chapel (Leonardo da Vinci's tomb) as well as the gardens. Access to the ground floor of the Royal House is possible from the courtyard and access to the first floor from the garden (situated between ground floor and first floor) where there is a straight staircase of just a few steps which is equipped with a foldaway ramp. Because of the spiral staircase, access to the second floor (XIXth century) is not possible for those in a wheelchair for the time being. The complete layout of the visit now on view! A video available to visitors on the 1st floor makes it possible to visualize all the inaccessible parts of the royal apartments (2nd floor and the Minimes Tower).

Eviter l'accès difficile par la billetterie en accédant aux terrasses avec votre véhicule :

When you arrive at the ticket office:

Call our reception personnel using the interphone at the private entrance (indications will be given where to drop off the visitor and park the vehicle).

The accompanying person must proceed to the ticket office to pick up the visit leaflet (and/or audio-video guide equipment required by the disabled visitor, if ordered at the time of on-line ticket purchase).

Visit of the royal house

New: The complete visit is now visible! A video available on the 1st floor enables visitors to view all the parts of the Royal House which are inaccessible (Saint-Hubert's chapel, 2nd floor of the Minimes Tower). Audio and video guided visit (2nd floor) in French and English

The supervisory personnel will direct and assist the visitor during the visit of the royal apartments.

Handicap mental

Different types of visit are available to you:

adapted audio-guided visit included in the château admission fee.

Hearing disability

Visit with commentary of the royal house:

You will be able to communicate without any difficulty with the reception personnel using the induction loop system.

Different types of visit available:

Explanatory leaflet (available in 16 languages).

New: Guided video visit in French sign language or (on option) with text commentaries in French and English. Induction loop provided on request.

the adapted audio-guided visit is included in the château admission fee

Guided visit in French Sign Language for groups, with prior booking.

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