Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) is now universally recognised as one of mankind's greatest geniuses. His insatiable curiosity and creativity were spotted very early by the great Renaissance patrons, for example François 1er who, in 1516, invited him to the French Court in Amboise, where he remained until his death.
From 2016 to 2019, 500 years after his time here, this historic city on the banks of the Loire is dedicating numerous events to him, where aestheticism and creativity will be the two guests of honour.

STUDIO LEONARDISSIMO (From 15th april 2016 to 31st december 2016)

Workshop and creative competition, in the Château of Amboise gardens, available from App Store and Google Play. Easels, over-sized canvases, have therefore been made available to give free rein to their interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci’s work. Each creation is immediately shared on social media with a view to selecting the artist of the month, of the season and every year.


Having returned victorious from Italy, François 1er must still fight for power. Crime, seduction, diplomacy and conspiracies could still ruin his dream of glory and of the Empire. In the King’s service, fight, escape traps and triumph over court intrigues. Really enter into history !

Great events of the season :

“AVANTI LA MUSICA” FESTIVAL (From the 19th to 26th june 2016)

Staying true to its origins, the Royal Château of Amboise is staging several events that pay homage to Italy’s cultural wealth. Since the Renaissance, Amboise has enjoyed a very special cultural relationship with the Italian peninsula. This edition honours music and celebrations… Avanti la Musica !

“THE PROPHECY OF AMBOISE” New historical evening show (every wednesday and saturday in the months of July and August)

New historical evening show, with a cast of 250, created by the scenographer Damien Fontaine.
From the beginning of the 21st century, you will travel back to the Court of Charles VIII where splendor and intrigue mix together. In the shadows, a woman, Louise de Savoie, is already secretly watching out for the royal destiny of her son, foretold by a mysterious hermit. The arrival of François I is at hand.

SUCH ROYAL DAYS ! (23rd & 24th july)

Royal festivities at the court of François 1er ! Enjoy two exceptional days at the time of the Renaissance : Old games, chess, calligraphy demonstration, learn fencing and demonstrations, falconry display, learn Renaissance dances with the Association Renaissance Amboise.

“MUSIC IN THE TIME OF THE KINGS” festival (From 6th to 21st august)

Musical and instrument presentation workshops and musical street entertainment proposed by Adeline de Preissac et Nicolas Gaignard.

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