“Christmas, childhood dreams – the teddy bear King!” A cuddly festive season at the Royal Château of Amboise - From the 30th november 2019 to the 5th january 2020

“Christmas, childhood dreams – the teddy bear King!” A cuddly festive season at the Royal Château of Amboise - From the 30th november 2019 to the 5th january 2020

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After about ten years, during which the château invited visitors to travel through the centuries to discover nativity traditions, this year the royal château of Amboise launches a new cycle of Christmas events. And this opens with a smile-inducing route along which visitors can see dozens of cuddly teddy bears of all sizes around the monument. The childhood château of the French kings-to-be, this year Amboise will be an enchanting theatre for all ages, brought together around the universal and timeless joy that is a teddy bear.


"Christmas, childhood dreams."


The future kings Charles VIII and François Ier spent their youth at the royal château of Amboise. This was where they celebrated their festive seasons. So, it makes perfect sense to offer in this location a Christmas visitor route dedicated to childhood's softest and most joyful memories. Every year, as part of the "Christmas in Château country" event, which brings together seven of the great Loire châteaux, delightful installations move into the monument's rooms. For the next five years, the theme "Childhood dreams" will inspire the super-sized sets, to unite all ages around our youthful Christmas memories and imagination.


2019 Theme: “The teddy bear King!”     


For this 2019 edition, it is, therefore, a soft, cuddly sovereign upon the château’s throne – the teddy bear king! Sparkling white bears and mischievous brown bears by the dozen will take up their winter residence in the château. Many, many teddy bears will move into the monument, from the guard's room to the throne room, where a giant crowned bear will cast a friendly, watchful eye over the kingdom’s destiny.

Above and beyond delicious nostalgia, which is sure to capture everyone’s imagination, this visitor route is also a chance to understand the bear's saga better; from its status as 'fearful fallen king of the beasts' to the 'teddy bear' of our childhood.

The staging has been created in partnership with the “Les Petites Maries©” company, one of the last teddy bear manufacturers in France. Many of its creations will find a place in different rooms. The Waenbrechies Museum of Antique Toys will also supply a stunning collection of old teddy bears. The huge Neapolitan crèche – an essential part of Christmas at Amboise – and numerous fir trees will also add to the atmosphere.


Programm :


Saturday 7 december 2019

Concert with l’Ensemble Les Salanganes de Tours, at 3.30pm. Included in the château entrance.

Saturday 14 december 2019

Concert of Christmas carols with la Chorale La cantilène, at 4.00pm. Included in the château entrance.

Thursday 26 december 2019

Christmas show for kids in french « La vieille malle au fond du grenier » proposed by Galoches de Farfadet company, at 2.00pm. On booking.

Friday 27 december 2019

Teddy bear making showcase with seamstresses of « Petite Maries » company. 

Monday 30 december 2019

Workshop of christmas creations for children at 2.00pm. In French. On booking.

Thursday 02 january 2020

Best « Galette » contest. In the afternoon, the château will welcome the prize giving ceremony for the best ‘galette’, organised by the Fédération des Artisans Boulangers - Pâtissiers d’Indre-et-Loire (Federation of Indre et Loire Artisan Bakers - Pastry Chefs). Visitors will have the chance to taste the most delicious galettes des rois’ (king cakes). Included in the château entrance.

Friday 03 january 2020

Christmas show for children, « Story time », Show in French for children (6- 10 years old) by Jean-François Talon who draws from local and traditional tales to bring to life the magic of Christmas. On booking.

Workshop of Christmas cake . « Storywith Bigot’s chocolaterie. In the afternoon.