L’HISTOPAD©, new visitor tool

L’HISTOPAD©, new visitor tool

From 1st february In 2019, visitors can enjoy the “Renaissance” of the Royal Château of Amboise with the Histopad, a new tablet-based visitor experience, which offers visitors the chance to really immerse themselves in history.

They can move through long-disappeared buildings; witness the development of the royal lodge through time; discover with surprise works of art - now found in museums around the world - in their original location. Finally they can, cross paths with the sovereigns and the more humble characters, who made history.

Amboise 2019 Histopad : a tablet-based visitor experience included in the château entrance ticket price.

Available in 12 languages. 

Since 20th may 2020, we use an Histopad disinfection cabinet (Automatic sterilisation system using ultraviolet germicidal rays), for each tablet.