A weekend to celebrate with dance and music the beginning of summer.

24th june: Solstice ball

At 8:30 p.m. by reservation with a price of €19 per adult, €15 per student, €13 per child and €9 for subscribers.

The Banquet du Roy offers the time for one evening to reconnect with this typically French passion of the 16th century: the Renaissance ball. Open to all and guided by a dance master, this festive, unconventional and participatory event invites the apprentice dancer to appropriate their own pace pavanes, bransles, and other German dances; and to experience the jubilant sensation of sharing the same collective pulse with the group.



Adrien REBOISSON: shawm and dancing master

Olivier GLADHOFER: flute/drum, dulciane, bombard,

Renaissance bagpipes

Emmanuel VIGNERON: dulciane and flute/drum

Yannick LEBOSSÉ: Renaissance guitar

Maxime FIORANI: percussion



Costume hire before the ball:

In order to soak up the Renaissance atmosphere of this evening as much as possible, costume hire is proposed by the Louis XII association.

In order to offer you a wider range of costumes and to facilitate possible alterations, we suggest you to contact the association directly before the day of the ball:

  • By email : louis12.costumes@gmail.com
  • By phone :

Costume rentals on prom night :

A pop-up shop will be held the same evening to provide additional costumes.


Rates and payment:

Prices to be found with the Louis XII association. Payment for the rental can be made either by cash or by credit card. A deposit check will also be requested for restitution when the costume is returned.


25th june: Great Solstice Concert

At 6 p.m., included in the castle entrance ticket.

“The Travels of Marco Polo” by the Harmony Orchestra of Amboise.

Director: Pascal CARATY

Actress: Laura GUITTENY

Work in progress in the Saint Hubert chapel

Since january 2022, access to the interior of the chapel is suspended from time to time.

During these times, HistoPad tablets will allow you to discover and explore the building using augmented reality technology.

These tablets, included in the entrance ticket to the castle, are given to you on your arrival.

Reopening scheduled for Spring 2024.