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The Château of Amboise was a major place of inspiration for Leonardo da Vinci who stayed in (1516-1519), on the invitation of the sovereign François 1er. In particular, he created a famous sketch of the royal château in 1517.

Visitors are invited to draw inspiration from the décor in the royal loggia and from the exceptional panoramas in the royal château's gardens.

Every finished work created on site or at home, can be photographed and shared on social media networks with a view to taking part in the international "Leonardissimo!" web competition to elect the artist of the month, of the season and of the year.

Among the prizes to be won are stays in Amboise, Florence and Rome, towns that played host to Leonardo da Vinci!

Techniques allowed: painting, sculpture, drawing, photography (TIFF or jpeg format), video (mp4, mpg, mov or flv format).

Participants' categories

  • Cat. 1/A: Personal child's work – under 7 years
  • Cat. 2/A: Personal child's work – 7 to 17 years
  • Cat. 2/B: Collective children's work - 7 to 17 years
  • Cat. 3/A: Personal adult's work (over 18) – amateur
  • Cat. 3/B: Personal adult's work (over 18) – professional or semi-professional

Competition runs from: 1st May 2016 to 31st December 2019

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Gallery of candidates' work

Mona Lisa. Peinture sur toile par l'atelier des 3 pinceaux (hors concours)

Mona Lisa. Painting, on oil, by the Atelier des 3 Pinceaux studio (not in the competition)

Léonard au jardin. Photographie par Léonard de Serres (hors concours)

Leonardo in the garden. Photograph by Léonard de Serres (not in the competition)

La « belle ferronnière » Selfie Renaissance de l'application mobile Studio leonardissimo © Opixido, Photographie par Jean-Philippe Dagnet (hors concours)

The "Belle Ferronnière". Renaissance selfie in the Studio leonardissimo© mobile app, Opixido, Photograph by Jean-Philippe Dagnet (not in the competition)

Antivolus, canon de beauté des oiseaux, proportions parfaites » inspiré de Léonard de Vinci, Peinture sur papier par A. Xémard (hors concours)

"Antivolus, canon of beauty for birds, perfect proportions" inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. Painting on paper by A. Xémard (not in the competition).

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