Musical wanderings and sets of Franco-Music 15th century Burgundians

As part of the opening of the exhibition celebrating the 6th centenary of the birth of Louis XI, the Banquet du Roy will be at the royal castle of Amboise with an original program in the afternoon: musical wanderings and sets of Franco-Music 15th century Burgundians.

The Banquet du Roy presents a program highlighting musical activity in the time of Louis XI. Influenced by the powerful and rival ducal court of Burgundy, the royal court of France, although marked by the political instability caused, among other things, by the Hundred Years’ War, will retain a constant number of singers and musicians mainly from the Franco-Flemish regions. . The loyal composer Johannes Ockeghem, born in Mons in Burgundy, is its emblematic figure, remaining in the service of the kings of France from 1452 until his death in 1497. Like the Order of Saint-Michel inspired by that of the Golden Fleece, Le Banquet du Roy offers a musical immersion by playing on the influence of the court of Philippe le Bon and Charles le Téméraire on that of Louis XI, before the latter delivers the coup de grace to the Burgundian dream!



Gertrudis Vergara: vocals, gothic harp

Benoît Tainturier: cornet, recorder

Emmanuel Vigneron: bombarde, tambourine flute, recorder

Maxime Fiorani: percussion

Olivier Gladhofer: bass fiddle, bombarde, flute tambourine, recorder, bagpipes


3 performances from 3 p.m.


Work in progress in the Saint Hubert chapel

Since january 2022, access to the interior of the chapel is suspended from time to time.

During these times, HistoPad tablets will allow you to discover and explore the building using augmented reality technology.

These tablets, included in the entrance ticket to the castle, are given to you on your arrival.

Reopening scheduled for Spring 2024.