Cultural season : Léonard et le roi

Leonardo da Vinci’s home and the location of his tomb, Amboise is a must-visit in 2019.

« la mort de Léonard de Vinci »

Exhibition “The death of Leonardo da Vinci – the construction of a myth”– In partnership with BNF Every day, from 2nd May to 2nd September 2019.

The major exhibition entitled “The Death of Leonardo da Vinci – the construction of a myth”, devised around the immense painting (280cm x 357cm) La mort de Léonard de Vinci (The death of Leonardo da Vinci) by François-Guillaume Ménageot, and a collection of engravings from national collections, will shed light on how the parameters of the friendship between king François Ier and Leonardo were progressively rewritten by history and how history assimilated them as the myth was created to serve the image of the French monarchy in the 18th century.

As part of the rich celebrations schedule for the 5th centenary, this major exhibition will also serve as a reminder for visitors from the four corners of the world of the eternal place that Leonardo da Vinci occupies in the Loire Valley, and especially in Amboise, where he will rest in peace for eternity in the château’s chapel.

Ravo Mattoni exhibition, Every day, from 2nd May to 2nd September 2019.

In 2016, Andrea Mattoni, alias RAVO, an Italian graffiti-artist, began an ambitious project with the aim of reproducing, in situ and on a very large scale, the masterpieces of classic painting signed by Caravaggio, Delacroix, De la Tour… A depth of colours, powerful lines and scale, RAVO’s homage to the grand masters is delightfully modern… The result is outstanding.

To add a spectacular additional dimension to the exhibition, “The Death of Leonardo da Vinci – the construction of a myth”, prepared with the BNF, the Royal Château of Amboise has asked RAVO to create 5 huge canvases (4.5m x 3m). These will be based on details from François-Guillaume Ménageot’s monumental painting “The Death of Leonardo da Vinci”, and will find a place on the walls of the Minimes cavalry tower, from 2nd May to 2nd September 2019. To complete this commission, the artist will be in residence at the Royal Château of Amboise for a fortnight, in March 2019. He will create his paintings in public.

This exhibition is organised with the assistance of the Ateliers de l’Etoile (Star Workshops) association.