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Like Leonardo da Vinci, you are invited to the Royal Château of Amboise

The Château of Amboise was a major place of inspiration for Leonardo da Vinci who stayed in Amboise (1516-1519), on the invitation of the sovereign François 1er. In particular, he created a famous sketch of the royal château in 1517.

On offer:

Enter the Florentine master's "secret garden"

Take your photo or slot yourself into one of Leonardo's famous portraits that the king acquired and exhibited at the château of Amboise in 1518. Capture the most beautiful views of the château and add a Leonardo-esque touch with the "Sfumato" effect and publish your shots on our Facebook page.

"Leonardo's trunk"

Discover Leonardo's exceptional destiny and the talents he showcased in Amboise for the glory of the king of France: his Curriculum Vitae addressed to Ludovico Sforza, duke of Milan in 1482; Leonardo da Vinci's artistic map to Amboise; Follow the final four years of his life (1516-1519) until his death in Amboise.

Head in search of
"Leonardo's tomb"

A forgotten time… take part in the 1863 archaeological dig led by Arsène Houssaye, Inspector general of Fine Arts.

« Make a date at the château  »

Discover the season's cultural programme, which is largely dedicated to celebrations for the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's time in Amboise (1516-1519).