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Leonardo de Vinci (1452-1519) is now universally recognised as a genius among men.

His insatiable curiosity and creativity were noticed very early on by the great Renaissance patrons, such as François 1er who in 1516 invited him to the Court of France in Amboise. Accomodated at the Clos Lucé, he ended his days on 2nd May 1519.

From 2016 to 2019, 500 years after his time in Amboise, this historic town on the banks of the Loire is dedicating a host of events to Leonardo da Vinci, during which aesthetics and creativity will be the two guests of honour.

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1.Léonard © L. De Serres
3.Jardin3 © L. De Serres
2.Leonard2 © L. De Serres

Studio Leonardissimo ©

Like Leonardo da Vinci, you are invited to the court at the Royal Château of Amboise.

Leonardo da Vinci was the guest of sovereign François 1er in Amboise from 1516 to 1519. He provides him with the residence of Cloux ( Clos Lucé ) near the royal castle.

Discover his exceptional destiny and his talents showcased in Amboise. And let yourself be inspired by his creative world in the "Studio Leonardissimo".

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