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The Court of the Valois kings in the 15th and 16th century

Origins up to Louis XI

Le Siège de la Cour Royale aux XVe. et XVIe. siècles

From neolithic times, the Promontoire des Chatelliers rock spur has been an ideal observation post at the confluence of the Loire and one of its affluents, the Amasse. Since the Iron Age, this site was a place of craftwork and commercial exchanges. The town became the main city of the Turones, the celtic tribe who gave their name to the future area of Touraine. The site was fortified from this period onwards. The fortifications were progressively improved with the help of the rock. In 503, Amboise entered into history when Clovis, King of the Francs and Alaric, King of the Visigoths met here. Mter the troubled period of the Norman invasions, the power of Amboise spread over the lands of the Counts of Anjou, then those of the house of Amboise-Chaumont. In 1214, Touraine was invested by Philippe-Auguste, King of France. The family of Amboise-Chaumont became his vassal. But in 1431 Louis d'Amboise was condemned to death for his part in the plot against La Trémouille (Arthur de Richemont), the favourite of King Charles VII. Eventually pardoned, Louis d'Amboise still had to renounce the Château of Amboise, which was confiscated by the Crown.

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