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This building is a monument listed as a Historical Monument where it is strictly forbidden to smoke.

In proximity to the ramparts

  • Attention: groups and children.
  • Do not play around in proximity to the ramparts.
  • Do not climb walls or ramparts.
  • Think of the tranquility and safety of those nearby. You are also reminded that the throwing of any projectile from the top of the ramparts may be dangerous for those nearby.

In the Royal House

  • This monument is officially a Site Receiving Public Visits.
  • In the case of an incident, a siren will sound and light up (an evacuation message will be given in French and English).
  • The personnel, easily identified thanks to their yellow jackets, are responsible for calmly evacuating the public.
  • The permanent personnel trained in Safety First (AFPS and PSC1 – French qualifications) are able to offer safety-first assistance to visitors.

Download the information leaflet in PDF format Download the information leaflet in PDF format

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