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salle de l'Echanson Salle de l'Echanson Réception, Salle de l'Echanson.Château d'Amboise© FSL

80m² (7m x 11 m)

Room capacity : 60 people seated, 99 standing and 50 in conference configuration

This room, located in the Renaissance wing of the château, is ideal for dinner parties with a limited number of guests. The name of this room refers to the cup bearers, who once served beverages to the King at table.

Prices (before tax) of the Cupbearers' room

Cocktail party: 700 € (before tax)

Dinner party: 1200 € (before tax)

The price of receptions at the Château takes into account the number of participants to which is added. the price for renting the room (not subject to VAT).

Example for 100 people: 100 x group admission fee (no VAT charge) + price of the room before VAT

Download the information leaflet in PDF format Download the information leaflet in PDF format

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