We invite you to discover the Royal Château of Amboise on a self-guided visit (with the visitor guide and/or the Histopad tablet, both free of charge), or you can choose to follow one of our guided visits.

Individual visitors


The Histopad tablet, available free of charge from the ticket office, offers an augmented reality experience. It will guide you throughout your visit to enrich your discovery by recreating decors and historic objects and providing additional information. The Histopad route includes the St. Hubert chapel and all the Royal Loggia rooms. The Histopad is extremely easy to use and accessible to everyone!

Disinfection after each use.

Classic circuit” 1h30 and “Express circuit” 45 min available.

Available in 12 languages (F, UK-US, D, E, I, R, PL, BR, CHN, J, K)

Booking of Histopads is required for the group at contact@chateau-amboise.com.


Guided visits, in French, are provided by our guide/lecturers throughout the year.

Classic guided visits: these visits are offered in French every day; there is no need to pay a supplement, and you do not need to book. They last one hour and include a visit to the chapel and the Royal Loggia. Please check the timetable for scheduled visit start times.

Exceptionally no guided tours on January 30, February 2 and 7.

“Corridors of History” guided visits: these unique visits, offered in French, take you beyond the standard visitor route to discover the underground areas of the Royal Château of Amboise and the spectacular interiors of the Minimes cavalry tower. A supplementary price is payable for these guided visits, and they must be booked via our online ticket office.

Do you require information for a group or school visit? Please visit our dedicated section.

Professionals / Groups / School groups

Visitors with disabilities or reduced mobility


The château is a former Medieval fortress situated on a rocky promontory overlooking the Loire. A listed historic monument, it does not always offer access facilities that meet modern criteria. For this reason, a non-disabled accompanying adult is compulsory. However, for several years the château has been committed to a policy of improvements and services to facilitate access for disabled visitors. In 2022, the château was once again awarded “Tourism and Disability” status for physical, hearing, visual and mental impairments by the National Association for Tourism and Disability.


  • Physical impairment

Visitors with reduced mobility can access the château directly by car via the private entrance situated at the end of Rue Augustin Thierry in Amboise (GPS coordinates: N47.41.31.44/EO: 988.904).

The first two floors of the Royal Loggia (dedicated to the Renaissance) and all the gardens are wheelchair accessible. The second floor (dedicated to the 19th century), the only area not physically accessible in a wheelchair, can be experienced through a specific version of the Histopad tablet (provided free of charge at the ticket office, available in 12 languages). In addition, a free-access lift makes it possible to move between the Reduced Mobility parking, the toilets, the Café, the shop, and the ticket office. 


  • Visual impairment 

Audio guides are available from our teams upon request, free of charge. In the guards’ room (the first room on the visitor route), tactile models of the château are available for our visually impaired visitors. They make it possible to understand the monument’s layout through touch. Adapted markers (contrasting bands…) are also positioned throughout the route to ensure the safety of our visitors. 


  • Hearing impairment 

The Histopad tablet (provided free of charge at the ticket office, available in 12 languages) features images and videos that do not require sound. This makes it possible for our hearing-impaired visitors to fully discover the entire visitor route. 


  • Mental impairment 

The Histopad tablet (provided free of charge at the ticket office, available in 12 languages) is extremely easy to use, interactive, and focuses strongly on images. Therefore, it is ideal for helping those with a mental impairment discover the château. It can be used individually by the visitor or the supervisor/accompanying adult for an adapted experience. 

During your visit to the royal residence, do not hesitate to call on the room surveillance team to facilitate your circulation and your discovery.

Work in progress in the Saint Hubert chapel

Since january 2022, access to the interior of the chapel is suspended from time to time.

During these times, HistoPad tablets will allow you to discover and explore the building using augmented reality technology.

These tablets, included in the entrance ticket to the castle, are given to you on your arrival.