Events 2019, Leonardo and the King

Events 2019, Leonardo and the King

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In 2019, Amboise will be at the heart of all RenaissanceS !

In addition to the two flagship exhibitions, the château of Amboise is playing host to an entire season of culture, from spring through to the start of autumn.
Here is an overview of some of the key events.

Exhibitions : 

From 2nd may to 2nd september 2019  : 

« 1519, the death of Leonardo da Vinci : the construction of a myth » In partnership with BNF (Bibliothèque Nationale de France).

Ravo Mattoni

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Festivals / concerts

From 18 may to 18 august 2019« Avanti la musica ! » Festival

Saturday 18 may 2019

Concert of Italian music with the ‘i Dissennati’ ensemble.

Friday 31 may 2019

At 5.30pm, Concert of the choir « UT Insieme Vocale Consonante » in partership with Florilège vocal of Tours.

Sunday 9 june 2019

At 8.30pm : Opening concert, "Homage to Leonardo da Vinci", by the Banquet du Roy ensemble.

Saturday 15 june 2019

At 8.30pm :  concert " Musique au temps de Léonard de Vinci" by the “Sorbonne Scholars”, a Sorbonne University musical and vocal ensemble.

Sunday 16 june 2019

From 2pm to 6pm : Concerts by pupils and choral ensembles from the École de Musique et de théâtre d’Amboise (Amboise School of Music and Theatre).

Saturday 22 june 2019  

In the afternoon, costumed characters strolling through the gardens and the château

At 5pm, choral concert by the Dante Alighieri association.

Sunday 23 june 2019

At 6pm :  Grand Concert with the Orchestre Harmonie of Amboise and Chanteloire.

Friday 12 july 2019

At 6.30pm, “Les amours impossibles ” Concert, by the OJC (Orchestre des Jeunes du Centre – Centre Region Youth Orchestra), directed by Simon Proust.

The 03, 04, 10, 11, 17 & 18 august 2019 

"La Musica in audacia" Festival

At 5pm, music workshop.

At 6.30pm, Concert by la Simplesse  & Adeline de Preissac.


Shows & Events 

2nd mai 2019 : Commemoration of the 5th centenary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death.

From 17 to 20 may 2019 : 

KinoTours’N : Gatherings involving beginner, amateur and professional filmmakers in a format close to that of « start-up weekends »

Saturday 20 & sunday 21st july 2019

Such royal days !    

Tuesday 23 july 2019

At 9pm, « Pomp at the court of France » Show with the Doulce Mémoire ensemble.

Wednesday 24 july 2019

At 5pm:« Lionardo » show by the La Sensible company.

Thursday 25 july 2019 

At 8.30pm, Renaissance Ball by the Banquet du roy company.


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