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This new tour concept designed for teenagers and young adults plunges the visitor into the familiar world of heroes and fantasy games. Animated cartoon kinematics, games to test skill, speed and wit, have been devised with motion capture technical resources by the Cent Millions de Pixels company. 
The studio has also reconstructed the château and its interior decor just as they were in 1518. This fully scripted adventure presents the significant events at the start of François 1er's reign in Amboise in 1518. 
It is embellished with characters dubbed by actors recorded in the Tonwelt studios in Berlin, with postproduction by the Comédiart company.

This innovative project is a first in the Val de Loire. Of course, it has benefited from recent experiments in the field of virtual restitution and game surveys, but it offers a fully scripted circuit based on real facts. The pleasure derived from a total immersion in time is enhanced by genuine historical knowledge, states Marc Métay, project manager at the Royal Château of Amboise.


Amboise, 1518… Having returned victorious from Italy, François 1er still has to fight to retain his power: crime, seduction, diplomacy and conspiracies could still ruin his dreams of glory and Empire. "In the King's service", fight, avoid the traps and overcome the plots of the Court. Take a trip into History. Live the adventure on iPad at the Royal Château of Amboise.

Interactive visit circuit on mini iPad, recommended for teenagers and young adults, an additional €5.

Official launch of the French version with English subtitles on 17th October 2015.

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