A new interactive video area

A new interactive video area

Before reaching the terraces of the château, visitors can now discover the château in all its incarnations, from the Middle Ages to today, in the château’s recently restored orangery.

3D models have thus been created based on the University thesis by Mme Lucie Gaugain and the manuscript of building accounts for the château of Amboise from 1495 and 1496, recently restored by the National Archives.

Interactive terminals and large screens enable visitors to fully understand the importance of this building, the first major construction phase for which began in the late 15th century, under the reign of King Charles VIII, born in Amboise in 1470.

In this way, visitors can learn that contrary to what was believed in the 19th century, 75% of the château built under his reign has survived to today.

A video projected onto a large screen illustrates the exceptional speed at which the works ordered by the king of France progressed between 1491 and 1498, when he died at the age of 28. It also shows the quarries for limestone, the supply routes on water and across land and the quantities of building materials – more than used in the Arc de Triomphe in Paris!