Astronomical picnic evenings at the royal castle of Amboise

12th July and 9th August 2024

Enjoy a pleasant summer evening picnicking in the park of the royal castle of Amboise while enjoying a live music group! The bonus of these evenings, the presence of the Touraine Astronomical Society with its telescopes to observe the sun and then the moon! Permission to have your head in the stars granted!


How shall we do it?

Nothing’s easier ! Book your tickets on the castle website (online ticketing), come to the castle with your picnic, sit on the lawns and enjoy an evening full of music discovering the sky! A delight !

A different music group every evening!

12th July : Knet, Rythm & Blues music

The Knet group will keep you moving all evening to the sound of Rhythm & Blues!

Prices: 10 € /adult; 9€ / student, 7€ /child(from 7 to 18 yeard old), 4€ /suscriber


Online ticketing

9th August : Quartet Stiltons, irish music

STILTONS is an Irish music quartet. He draws his repertoire from traditional pieces, which he reinterprets in his own way, while keeping the great references of the style.


Cécile sings, plays the Irish flute (wooden, without keys) and the mandolin.

Chloé has been playing the violin since childhood, using it in many musical aesthetics, while maintaining a groove that will tickle your feet.

Pablo plays the guitar as well as the mandolin. He colors the melodies with delicacy, with an implacable rhythm.

Étienne is also a colorist! with his bodhran and his percussion set, he brings a delicate atmosphere, while maintaining this groove typical of traditional Irish music.

Jigs, walks or polkas will make you wiggle your feet, nod or even dance!


Prices: 10 € /adult; 9€ / student, 7€ /child(from 7 to 18 yeard old), 4€ /suscriber


Online ticketing


You haven’t planned anything for a picnic? Take advantage of our picnic package offered by the Café du château!

Ham/butter/cheese sandwich + chips + fruit salad + a small bottle of water


Tabbouleh + chips + fruit salad + a small bottle of water

Formula at 9.00€. Purchase on site, while stocks last.

To note :

  • No pets allowed
  • Catering not included
  • Access to gardens only
  • On booking
  • Entrance to the site between 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.