The château through the centuries

The Royal Château of Amboise site has undergone huge transformations through the centuries. Recently collected scientific data have enabled us to recreate the château in all its forms, from the Middle Ages to today.

A 3D recreation

A 3D recreation area, recently created in the château’s orangery, enables visitors to understand the importance of this monument, the major construction of which began in the late 15th century, under the reign of Charles VIII. Thus, they can learn that, contrary to what was believed in the 19th century, 75% of the château built during his reign survives today.

The Lords of Amboise before 1431
The château in the time of Louis XI
The château in the time of Charles VIII
The château in the time of Catherine de Médicis
The château in the time of Louis-Philippe
The château today
Work in progress in the Saint Hubert chapel

Since january 2022, access to the interior of the chapel is suspended from time to time.

During these times, HistoPad tablets will allow you to discover and explore the building using augmented reality technology.

These tablets, included in the entrance ticket to the castle, are given to you on your arrival.

Reopening scheduled for Spring 2024.