A lyrical break at the royal castle of Amboise offered by the company “L’Opéra Clandestin” with 4 solo singers and 1 pianist.

Telle me about the Traviata



This short version of Giuseppe Verdi’s famous opera is sung in Italian but with dialogues in French to allow all audiences to appreciate the work: children, young people and adults.

The story of La Traviata is inspired by the work of Alexandre Dumas fils, La Dame aux Camélias, and tells the dramatic love story of a courtesan and a boy from a good family in the 19th century.




The company L’Opéra Clandestin

Opéra Clandestin is a company of opera artists born from the meeting of two singers and their desire to make the passion that drives them: opera, accessible to everyone.

Conviction: Opera is above all a popular art.

Mission: Popularize lyrical art, discovering a lively, unpretentious beauty. Offering a fun and accessible approach, part of the vocal tradition while being creative in the staging.

Duration: 1h15

Hour : 8:00 pm

Prices: Adult : 20€ / student : 15€ / children : 10€ / subscriber : 8€

By reservation : Online Ticketing